Best Place To Go For Botox In Sydney

Best botox in sydney

It’s a huge secret among the Sydney elite where they go to for their Botox and fillers. Everyone does it including men, but no one is willing to put forward where. So I'm just going to dish out the best places for you.

Here are my favourite 3 places in order of price high to low. If you have deep pockets and have the patience to be added to a 6-month waitlist, go with the 1st option.

  1. Dr Van Park is my favourite. However, there is a 6 month wait time and she is not currently taking new clients. This is the creme de la creme and the prices reflect that. You won’t walk out without dropping at least $700

  2. Matty Samaei and her team will make you look flawless in photos. 

  3. George Calfas at GMC cosmetic does best eye tear trough filler in Sydney  

Now don’t tell anyone! Dr Van is pictured below (she’s over 40, you would never know!)  


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