Mel’s - Daily Skin Routine

We spoke with Mel (our founder) to get the low down on how she takes care of her skin. The girl has flawless skin (and hardly ever wears any foundation, it’s unfair!). 
She tells us, the secret to good skin is food and skin care routine.  Mel says she battled acne prone skin for years trying every product on the market. Two years ago she discovered she was highly intolerant to lactose (milk), wheat (white carbs) and yeast (alcohol and junk food). The new finding changed her food intake which did wonders for her skin. Her skin completely changed when she eliminated dairy, wheat and yeast from her diet! She recommends everyone take a food intolerance test if you are battling skin problems!
Mel also shares with us her daily skin care routine which is the second part of her beauty secret:

1. Cleanse: Clarins Cleansing Milk  

Mel swears by this product, as it cleanses without being harsh on the skin. “I love using it without any water”.


 2. Pre-Moisterise: Clarins Double Serum

Mel says pre-moisturising is so important for those with combination and dry skin! She drops a pea size of the double serum onto her hands, warms it up by rubbing her hands together and gently pats in the serum all over. The finish leaves her skin glowy.

clarins multi active

3. Moisturise: Multi Active Clarins 

Finally she moisturises with Clarins multi active. She says it is very important to warming up the product between your hands before patting it in. 

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