Concealer, Corrector And Highlighters Explained


Corrector: For any facial blemishes, dark circles, large pores, age spots apply the smallest amount of correctors to these areas. Apply right after moisturiser and primer. It’s best to choose a corrector colour that is on the opposite side of the colour spectrum from what you’re trying to conceal. For example, if you have blue-ish dark tones under your eyes choose a orange corrector and to cover green-ish undertones choose a peach corrector.

Best concealer

Concealer: A Concealer and  Highlighter should be one of the same thing! A highlighter or concealer should be lighter than your foundation and can be used to push your favourite features forward. 

Apply highlighter/concealer: in a triangle shape under the eyes, the centre of your chin, the middle of your forehead down to the end of your nose, your cupid’s bow, and above your eyebrows. My favourite concealer currently is this one Sephora Concealer

Best illuminator

Illuminators: Usually mixed with foundation to give your skin an overall healthy glow. I prefer to apply illuminators to cheek areas, corner of foreheads and centre of chin. Be careful when applying illuminators, as too much can make your skin look oily instead of glowing. Liquid illuminators are my favorite - I currently use Mac strobe cream.