Amanda Mattsson: How to Become a Successful Freelancer

  In 2018, Amanda Mattsson packed her bags and left Sweden to move to Australia as a freelance makeup artist.  

In 2018, Amanda Mattsson packed her bags and left Sweden to move to Australia as a freelance makeup artist. 

Going freelance can be a scary and overwhelming career decision. That leap from a secure full-time job to uncertainty isn't something to take lightly but at Book Beauty Nearby we know how rewarding and an incredible journey it can be! This week we sat down with the successful and talented Swedish Makeup Artist Amanda Mattsson to discuss how she got started as a freelancer, the challenges she had to overcome, what the future holds for a freelance makeup artist, and tips and tricks for aspiring artists and beauty enthusiasts alike! Keep on reading to discover what it's really like to be a freelance makeup artist.

Starting Up

What inspired you to take on a career in the beauty industry?

I've always been creative, always drawing and painting. I was fifteen when I started doing my own makeup. Then I got my first palette and I enjoyed doing my friends' makeup for prom. After high school I decided to get my education in makeup at FACE Stockholm and at the same time started working at as a fashion stylist. 
I got to learn a lot about makeup and beauty because I always used to watch the makeup artists at After 2 years they needed a new makeup artist and asked me because they knew I had the education and I really wanted to. I was then given the opportunity to become a fully-employed makeup artist. 

What made you take the leap to become a freelance makeup artist?

I started to do all of Nelly’s ad campaigns and had the opportunity to work with a lot of influencers. I worked there from Monday to Friday and sometimes we'd travel on the weekends. It was a lot of hard work but after one year full-time as a makeup artist at Nelly, I had gained so many contacts in the business since I had met so many photographers, models and people in the industry. I felt ready to spread my wings and start my own business.

Tell me about the move from Sweden to Australia, do you find the makeup style different here?

I haven't worked too much in Australia yet but from what I've seen on social media it's quite similar to what I did in Nelly. I moved to Australia with a working holiday visa. Since I started so fast after school and worked so hard, I always dreamed about travelling. My boyfriend and I did a trip together and decided we're free and we can do whatever we want and we should just travel now before everything gets too serious and we have start to think about kids!

We moved to Sydney in February and I would love to live in more countries but it's so hard to be away from your family and friends so I also want to go back to Sweden and be closer to the people I love. 

The Challenges

Going back to freelancing, do you find the challenges you face as a freelancer different to working for a company?

It’s different. When I was employed it was always the time constraint, I had a pressure with time. I always want to make sure my clients' makeup looks perfect so I wanted to spend more time than the 1 hour allocated. 

As a freelancer, it’s more to do with finding clients. When you're friends with other freelance makeup artists, you don't want to compete with them for jobs but sometimes you have to.

How do you manage to find clients as a freelancer?

It wasn't hard to start freelancing in Sweden because I had Nelly as a client and they would book me a lot. Instagram is pretty good, people can view my work and I get clients from there for weddings. I also contacted some photographers and contacted different companies and asked if they needed someone. It's about having the right contacts and having good relationships with everyone. 

Beauty Talk

Let's talk beauty, is there any specific beauty trend you hate?

I can't say I hate it but I don't see the point when people put too much makeup on and covering up the skin too much. When you apply layers of makeup and cover yourself, you are not getting the beauty from the real face. I spend a lot of time prepping the skin and getting that natural glow. For me, it’s about bringing out the best in someone and trying to highlight their best features.

What products do you use to achieve that glow?

First of all, I prep the skin with a lot of moisture and a good serum. My favourite moisturiser to use on clients is by RMS beauty, it’s a very natural product with a lot of good oils and it actually melts into your skin and makes you come alive. 

Photographers have also said that they see a big difference when I use their products. Another product that I love is the Shiseido cream eyeshadow. You can’t go wrong with the texture and smoothness this product creates on the eyelids! You can also use the Shiseido cream as an eye primer as well before applying other eyeshadows. My favourite shade is BR731.

Not only are you a makeup artist but you're also a hair stylist. How did that come about?

I was so scared when I first got employed as a makeup artist because then I had to do hair as well but I told them I don't know that much about doing hair. But as I said I always watched the makeup artists and hair stylists doing their thing, so I think I knew more than I thought and knew what I wanted the hair to look like as a result. I started doing hair everyday, since I had two models everyday. It was a new thing I had to do at work but they always pushed me and I practiced a lot, and now I'm a hair stylist too!

So what is your favourite hair look?

 I like messy waves and I don't want the curls to look too perfect, I like an undone look. I use a Swedish brand called Lernbergers Stafsing to create the messy waves that has a lot of natural ingredients. I also use products such as oils, primer, moisturiser and for texture, I like to use Dryclean. 

The Future

How do you see your career moving forward?

My dream is to work with and find clients that I really love to work with. It’s not about doing the coolest magazine looks; I think its just about finding the right people to work with where you can have fun and create stuff together and still get money. But of course I love travelling, so I really appreciate that I can find work in where I want to travel. 

Dream person to work with?

I haven't experienced that world and I don't know if its good or not to work with celebrities but if it was a celebrity it would be Beyoncé, I would really like to meet her.

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