Why You Need To Start Threading Your Eyebrows!


Thinking about getting your eyebrows threaded but don't know where to start? We spoke with our beauty professionals to understand why eyebrow threading was becoming so popular. Our pros were quick to confirm that eyebrow threading is the best way to get that defined shape, no matter what type of eyebrow style you want . Our professionals explained to us why waxing cannot achieve the sharpness that threading can. Read on to find out more about getting your eyebrows threaded.

Origins of Threading

Threading was born in India and the Middle East and has now taken over the world, as the most popular way of shaping the eyebrows . 

Method of Threading

Our beauty professionals explained to us that threading is a technique that involves a strand of cotton thread which is twisted and pulled to remove unwanted hair. The best part of threading is that hair follicles are removed directly from the root in the most natural way, without the help of any chemicals!

Advantages of Eyebrow Threading:

  • The Shape Threading is a perfect technique if you've ever wanted to achieve those sculpted Kim K brows or whatever type of eyebrows you want, as the cotton thread allows individual hairs to be precisely targeted. It's like combining the precision of tweezing with the ability of eyebrow waxing to remove large amounts of hair at the same time!
  • Long Lasting Many customers of our eyebrow professionals have said that the results of threading and eyebrow waxing lasts between 2-5 weeks. The great thing about threading is that hair grows back finer and less often since hair follicles are weakened. 
  • Saves Time Getting your eyebrows threaded now have never been easier! Our eyebrow artists have stated that through experience and skill, threading takes less than 10 minutes, as multiple hairs are simultaneously removed. Not only is it a quick process, but there's also no need for constant maintenance or regular appointments, as the results of threading can last up to 5 weeks.
  • Safe for Sensitive Skin and Clients on Acne Medication Our eyebrow professionals love threading since it is one of the safest types of hair removal. Eyebrow threading doesn't involve any invasive procedures, chemicals or artificial ingredients so you can rest assured if you are thinking about getting your eyebrows threaded but worried about sensitive skin. This is an amazing solution for the customers of our beauty professionals, who have sensitive skin and suffer from itchiness or redness from eyebrow waxing. 
  • No Ingrown Hair The eyebrow artists we spoke to have had experience with both threading and waxing as a client and also as a eyebrow specialist. From their knowledge and experiences, both threading and eyebrow waxing have the ability to remove ingrown hairs. However, with eyebrow waxing there is a higher chance of developing in-grown hairs, since it is more aggressive which causes hair to grow sideways. Whereas threading removes AND prevents ingrown hairs.

Disadvantages of Eyebrow Threading:

  • Painful If you are thinking about getting your eyebrows threaded but wondering about the pain, our beauty professionals explain that for some people threading can be a painful process. Therefore, it is important that you find an eyebrow specialist with a good reputation who has the correct technique and skills so that there is minimum pain.  
  • Pigmentation  Our eyebrow specialists have mentioned that pigmentation spots can appear on the areas that have been threaded. This is very rare. 
  • Small White Pimples The aftermath of both threading and eyebrow waxing can sometimes cause folliculitis which are known to be small white pimples. But do not fear, these pimples can heal on its own!

Final Thoughts:

After talking to our beauty professionals we believe that threading is the only way forward to achieve whatever type of eyebrow shape you want. Don’t forget to check out our top three eyebrow specialists to achieve your best brow yet!

Our Top 3 Eyebrow Specialists:

  1. Jessica, Wollongong, NSW
  2. Adela, Sydney, NSW
  3. Pauline, Sydney, NSW

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