Jillyun McKinlay: The Mermaid Lash Trend Dominating Instagram

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This week we got talking with our beauty professional Jillyun McKinlay to get the low-down on the mermaid lash trend that is taking over everyone's Instagram feed and we also have some juicy tips from Jillyun on how to build a successful independent business. If you're new to the world of eyelash extensions we recommend you read our Ultimate Guide on Eyelash Extensions to get caught up with the beauty trend!

The Makeup Artist: Jillian McKinlay

Jillyun McKinlay is a talented mobile makeup artist located in Mundaring, Western Australia. With Book Beauty Nearby’s theme of celebrating boss ladies, Jillyun is a perfect representation of the type of beauty professionals we want to support on our booking platform. Juggling being a mother of a crazy two year old and being a gifted and creative freelance makeup artist, Jillyun has accomplished a lot and with her unique services you can trust her to give you the coolest and trendiest mermaid eyelash extensions! 

Talking Mermaid Eyelash Extensions
Jillyun McKinlay

Let's talk about the latest lash trend! Where did you first see the mermaid eyelash trend?

I first saw it on Instagram. One of the girls I followed had posted photos of it and I thought it looked really cool, so I decided to incorporate coloured lashes into my own services. To be honest, there are not a lot of suppliers who offer coloured semi-permanent eyelash extensions. I currently use Sugar Lash and Enchanted Spa to source my coloured lashes. 

What are your most requested coloured lashes

Rainbow came out a couple of years ago; I saw a couple of people doing rainbow lashes for festivals and events. I’ve had a client that was going to a festival and requested silver glitter extensions. They were awesome and shined in the sun, which gave a little bit extra to her outfit.  But I found that people usually request their favourite colours for their eyelash extensions. My aunt’s favourite colour is blue, so I applied blue lashes on her. 

Can coloured lashes it be worn to the office? 

Yes, they can be worn to the office. You can also get browns, really soft greens and blues that can accentuate the client’s eye colour yet still appear very subtle. I apply the coloured eyelash extensions to the outer corner which is where most people like the focus to be, this really draws the person's eyes out and makes them look bigger. I also like mixing the coloured lashes with the black eyelash extensions as well, since it gives definition while still giving you natural-looking eyelash extensions that are wearable for every day.

Are coloured eyelash extensions more maintenance than regular eyelash extensions?

No, coloured eyelash extensions require the same amount of maintenance as regular semi-permanent eyelash extensions. You don’t have to worry about the colour running or fading.

Advice for people who are new to mermaid eyelash extensions

Do a lot of research! Make sure you get lots of information from your lash technician as possible. Finding out information such as how the lash technician's process works and their eyelash care would be helpful. Usually, people who are new to mermaid eyelash extensions go for the cheapest option, as they're not sure whether they're going to like them or not. Don't go for the cheapest or most expensive method, instead choose a technician who can answer all your concerns. 

Juicy Tips
Starting Your Own Business

How to market yourself

  • I do a lot of Instagram posts. There are a lot of eyelash technicians in the industry, so it's important that you're taking the absolute best photos of your work. Social media is a big thing right now.
  • Guerrilla warfare marketing is important. People don’t like to feel like you’re selling them things. I sometimes casually leave my business cards at cafes, as I'll pay for my coffee and then slip a business card on my table. That way people may sneak the business card into their pockets and then maybe a week later they’ll pull it out and go ‘oh that’s right’. 
  • Word of mouth can be really influential. When you really take care of your clients and provide good services, people are more likely to recommend other people to your services.
  •  Communicating with other lash technicians or people in the industry is also a big deal.

Advantages of taking a deposit before the service

I personally don’t take deposits, as I haven't got it set up yet. But taking deposits before a service is a very common practice, some people even like to take full payments before the client rocks up. I probably need to consider deposits, as I have had a few cancellations at last minute which can waste a lot of time. With eyelash extensions, you usually need a big block of time and if one client cancels then you can lose up to three hours.

Advice for beauty professionals who are new to the business

Research and making sure that you’re putting yourself out there as much as possible! It is important to be careful and follow your gut when it comes to clients. Usually when you have a bad feeling about a client, in my personal experience you’re usually right. So really trusting yourself that you are good at what you do and taking care of your business by protecting it.

How to get repeat business

  • Loyalty deals are really effective. My clients get their fourth lash fill for free which gives them the incentive to keep coming back. 
  • I really try to focus on the aftercare. I personally charge by the hour when it comes to doing lash fills because I find it easier to tailor to clients. So if they take better care of their lashes, their fills are going to be cheaper and it's not going to take as long.   
  • Giveaways and competitions! I give my clients aftercare packs as a giveaway so that they feel like they’re getting something for their money's worth, as opposed to just having awesome eyelashes.
  • It's important to have a good relationship with your customers by following up with them, making sure that they’re happy and they know how to take care of their eyelash extensions, so that they can get the best out of them.

Thank you so much Jillyun for taking the time for the interview!  Share, like, and comment if you enjoyed this blog!

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