How to Take and Edit the BEST Images like Katrina Bonafe

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One major question a lot of us have when it comes to capturing the perfect beauty photo for Instagram is:

Is it possible to achieve and create an immaculate photograph without having a massive camera with three different lenses? 

Do we need to go out of our way to blow a lot of coin on a brand new DSLR camera and download photo editing laptop software? OR can we achieve similar if not more effective image with our iPhone's already sitting in our pockets?! We've uncovered the answer to this popular question with the help of professional Makeup and Bridal artist Katrina Bonafe as well as received further Instagram editing insights from her.


Katrina is a Hair and Makeup artist from NSW who performs bridal, formal, and event services. With over 9 years experience including working with MAC Cosmetics, 2,680 Instagram followers and 177 posts, Katrina knows what it takes to create the perfect Instagram photo.

Katrina Bonafe Makeup iPhone Photography


I LOVE to use the iPhone 8 as it captures the detail of the makeup. Sometimes using portrait mode is great as it blurs the background and brings more focus to the makeup. I prefer natural lighting but I love to use a ring light as well. 

iPhone camera

The SECRET to taking good quality photos.

I love to use my iPhone for taking photos but the SECRET is all about the angle of the shot and most importantly the lighting.  



Once I have selected the photo I go into Facetune. I tend to smooth out the skin slightly and bring detail around the eyes and the lips.  I then go into VSCO cam and I play around with the exposure, contrast and saturation. This just adds a bit more into the skin.  

VSCO cam in iPhone

Do you recommend any certain ANGLES to take the photo from?

It depends on the model - I always ask them which side they prefer and I also have the models take selfies of themselves.

Thank you so much to Katrina Bonafe for taking the time out for an interview!
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