SECRETS REVEALED: Brows and Skincare from Melanie Lagos

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Spring is most certainly the time to get in touch with your creative side, add new styles to your regime and make the most of the perfect lighting,  however we completely understand that working with colours and trying out new techniques can be scary! FEAR NOT ladies as we have teamed up with one of our INCREDIBLE BBN professionals Melanie Lagos who has shared her SECRETS AND MUST HAVE tips, techniques and products to help YOU succeed in your Spring makeup routine. In particular, she has shared BROW AND SKINCARE SECRETS and holy grails! In doing so we have also uncovered insight into the current makeup trends which are flooding your social media feeds at the moment. 


We asked Melanie what her current beauty secrets and must have beauty products are for Spring as well as how she comes up with her creative, colourful and edgy techniques and styles in her Instagram client photos. Here is what she had to say:

In your opinion what is ONE MUST HAVE beauty product at the moment?  

At the moment my favourite thing that I cannot live without is kind of a weird one, but its called ‘False Lash Maximiser’ by MAC. It’s essentially an eyelash primer, which you’re supposed to pop on before mascara, which you can do if it helps. But the best way to use it is to actually pop it through your brows like a brow gel. It is white but it dries clear and it’s stronger than clear brow gel. It’s like hairspray for your brows and makes your brows stay in place all day and it grabs to each brow hair. It makes your brows look really fluffy and textured. The whole fluffy brow is really on trend. So that product is really good for someone that doesn’t really have much brow.

False Lash Maximiser by MAC Hack

What is that ONE really good BEAUTY TIP which people are always asking you about?   

"There’s a couple - one is my creative colour looks. I do a lot of festival looks and I also prefer doing colour because it’s a lot more fun. I never really plan things out, I just let my creative process flow. When it comes to doing colour looks, I always refer back to the colour wheel. So if you’re going to be doing anything pink then pair it with a green eye, because they’re really complement each other.

Festival Makeup Look Melanie Lagos
Colour Wheel Eyeshadow
Festival Look

"I also get a lot of compliments on my foundation and my skin work. I like there to be coverage but I want it to look really nice and glowy and natural. So what I like to do is mainly focus on the skincare. Skincare is the key to having a really nice flawless base. So as long as you’ve got skincare down packed and you’ve got the right foundation type for that person’s skin type, it should just look flawless regardless. For products I use a variety depending on the skin type, but one of the items I always use is called ‘softening lotion’ also by MAC. Softening lotion has got Vitamin C in it, so it really helps brighten skin as well as softening and smoothing the skin. It’s really before buffing away dry dead skin; it kind of gets off that top layer and makes your skin really smooth and hydrated. It can be used on any skin type.”

Softening Lotion by MAC.
Makeup Hydration Gif

Thank you so much to Melanie Lagos for taking the time out for an interview!
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