Jaycel C.

Im Jaycel a teeth whitening technician with burning passion for enhancing smiles! I have 3 years dental nursing experience and have a unique system for teeth whitening!
The reason that I love teeth whitening is because when I was pregnant and very self conscious about the changes in my body, the one compliment that kept coming to me was the shade of my teeth despite gaining well over 25 kilos!
I love boosting my clients confidence with teeth whitening to help them feel the way i did when I needed it most.


Charlestown, NSW, 2021

Years of Experience: 

5 years

Teeth Whitening Prices:

1 X teeth whiteninG Treatment                     $189

2X teeth whitening treatments                   $349

3 X teeth whitening treatments                  $499

Cancellation Policy

Strict - 50% refund at any time

Additional Notes: