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Our Story

Our journey began when we realised that there was something wrong with the standard way of booking beauty appointments. We looked at the processes that customers were having to endure, and we realised something — there must be a simpler way! 

Giving beauty lovers the confidence to change their look and try new things is important to us. We believe that looking your best should be convenient. So, we dreamed up a way to arrange your beauty appointment without picking up the phone. Even better, we designed a platform that allows you to do so around the clock, when it suits you.

Giving You a World of Talented Beauty Professionals

Find Book Beauty’s mission is to connect you with the most talented beauty professionals out there. We gather these professionals from across Australia and make them available to you online. Just like us, each of the beauty professionals you can book online through our platform is committed to helping you hit new and dizzying aesthetic heights. From perfectionist pedicure professionals to eyelash technicians who can work miracles, each one has that special something we just love — and we know you will too.

Banishing Frustration From The World of Hair and Makeup

We don’t have time for the frustration that comes with chasing appointments, and we’re guessing you don’t either. Our online platform allows you to search for makeup artists, hair colourists, and everyone in-between. We get our kicks from knowing that you can book an appointment at your convenience, no matter where you are or what time of day it is. Better still, you can access professionals who are affordable yet expert at what they do.

At Find Book Beauty, we put customers and beauty professionals in control. You can arrange times and prices that suit you, showcase your artistry online, and, in the case of clients, peruse each person’s talents before you take the plunge. Enhancing Australia’s beauty scene is our passion, so we’re always looking for more professionals to join our site. By forging better client-artist relationships, we’re providing a place for beauty fans to express themselves, every day.